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Buildings & Contents Insurance

This type of cover insures you most valuable assets. Whether it be your property or your jewelry, insurance provides you with a means to replace the damage or loss. I know nothing can replace special personal items passed down from family or friends, but at least it will provide some comfort that all your valuable items can be replaced.

Most insurance policies of this type are either bedroom rated or reinstatement value rated. This means that your monthly premium will be based on how many bedrooms you have or what is the anticipated replacement value of your assets.

Other things that will taken into consideration are your post-code and style of home you live in. In some cases your age and occupation can play a part.

This type of insurance is an absolute must if you either own your home or you have valuables and possessions. Can you imagine having a major fire or coming back one day and seeing all your possessions gone and not being able to replace them.

Landlords insurance covers the property being rented out with minor cover for basic internal fixtures and fittings. Again a landlord should want to repair damage to their property not only to maintain the property but also protect the asset. People renting a property should arrange contents insurance to cover their personal possessions and valuables.