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Personal Protection

When we talk about protection we mean life cover, critical illness cover and income protection. These insurance contracts are like any other insurance contract you might have to cover your car, your contents or your holiday, you have them just in case the worst should happen.

Often a good way to look at things is to complete a budget planner. Once you have done this you can then cross off anything that will be paid off, reduce, or no longer be relevant in the event of death, critical illness or long term illness or disability to you or your partner, ‘sitting down yet!’

Shocking as it may sound you might find that you still have your mortgage, all your household bills, clothing, motoring. food and leisure costs. Less than 50% of the population has life assurance, only 1 in 5 has mortgage protection and only 1% has income protection.

The protection gap in the UK is over two trillion pounds. What I mean by this figure is the uncovered protection needs of the UK population, therefore the difference between what people have already got and what they need.

State benefits are grossly inadequate and provide only a bare minimum. However, they’re not going to help you with your mortgage payments for nearly a year. Surprised! Don’t be, the main reason for repossessions is the loss of a persons income, fact!

You might not need much cover or you may need a lot, the main thing is to review your circumstances regularly and evaluate what’s important and what’s not, the act upon it.